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Planning on doing another long distance bicycle trip in 2004 with the intention of raising money for the Leukaemia Research Fund. This time the trip will not go to Ste.Maries de la Mer, done a couple of years ago (3145 km in 4 weken) also to raise money for the LRF, but to the famous and well known pelgrimage town Santiago de Compostela in the Northern part of Spain. Many cyclists before me use train, bus or plane for either the trip to or from Santiago. Not me though, I will do the full trip on bicycle: a total distance of no less than 5400 km in 8 weeks!

Do you like to support the LRF via my Santiago 2004 trip, for instance per kilometre or a certain amount of cash? Your financial support to the LRF will certainly have a positive effect on the amount of energy I have to put in to make this trip to a success. Your name (firm logo) will also appear on this website (section Sponsors). Please help, the LRF needs your money!


Let me introduce myself

Stes. Maries de la Mer Name:Jan Smit
Employer:Atos Origin
Profession:UNIX System Engineer

English sportscars (owner of a Caterham Super Seven), archeology, First World War, bicycle holidays, fossils, historic airplanes and mountainering.


Previous bicycle trips

Below a short summary of the bicycle trips I have made so far. You will notice that over the years the total distance has increased quite substantial. When all is going to plan I will be soon adding some 5400 km to this year's total.

Stes. Maries de la Mer

Training for these bicycle trips has always been the daily exercise to my workplace with the additional weekend trip of 50km. The preparation for my first trip to Switserland was quite simple: bought a new bike, packed my new Karrimor panniers the days before and simply went on holiday covering a first strech of 140 km. The physical condition needed for crossing the Belgian Ardennes appears to come while cycling.

Do not force in any way, take your time to absorb nature and soon the daily routine becomes addicted. And be honost: a little bit of hardship is all part of the deal (otherwise one would should have chosen another means of transportation).



11995242010 km

Utrecht, Maastricht, Selestat, Basel, Zürich, Basel, Strasbourg, Metz, Maastricht, Utrecht.

21998212300 km

Utrecht, Paris, Orléans, Tours, Chartres, Évreu, Honfleur, Le Havre, St. Omer, Vlissingen, Breda, Utrecht.

31999202400 km

Utrecht, Emmen, Bremen, Hamburg, Flensburg, Viborg, Århus, Köbenhaven, Putgarten, Hamburg, Bremen, Emmen, Utrecht.

42001283145 km

Utrecht, Heusden, Maastricht, Bettembourg, Charmes, Marnay, Thoirette, St. Donat, Orange, Avignon, Arles, Stes. Marie de la Mer, Orange, St. Donat, Thoirette, Charmes, Bettembourg, Maastricht, Best, Utrecht.

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  3. Jutland fietsroute (Fietskaart Informatie Stichting);
  4. Groene weg naar de Middellandse Zee (Fietskaart Informatie Stichting).

  Langs Oude Wegen

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