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Created: 15/03/2000

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Virtual Tour

Just a small sample of some of the items on display in our museum. We are currently working on several new showcases that will hopefully enable us in the very near future to display the items in a more organized fashion.

WW1 US "Doughboy" uniform that used to belong to Mr. William Rice of Newport while he served in the US 327th. Fire and Guard.

Items are all battlefield findings. Center piece is a German 1916 helmet accompanied by a couple of grenade fuzes and a German 77mm cartridge case (with steel base).

Picture of one of the old showcases. A bit overcrowded with a mixture of Italian, British, French and German items.

A variety of items. You might recognize a Lebel bayonet in the middle with its brass handle. The large spanner is of German origin found near Chemin-des-Dames.


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